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What is Zone Check One?

Zone Check One (ZCO) is a freelance agency that provides consultation, management, and production services for digital entertainment. Our creative team values honesty and sustainability as we work towards solutions. We achieve this by questioning the status quo, prioritizing authenticity, and maintaining integrity.


At Zone Check One, our mission is to provide creative, honest, and sustainable consulting, management, and production services. We strive to empower and support talented individuals in achieving their aspirations.



We believe that honesty, clarity, and fairness create an ideal environment for growth.
We want to ensure your continued success for many years to come. We believe that building strong foundations is essential to achieving this goal.
We believe in questioning assumptions and challenging traditional ways of thinking in order to find new and innovative solutions to problems.
We want you to be true to yourself in all that you do.

Get in the zone

Looking for that Check? Zone Check One got you covered. Our team is always keen to explore new ventures and opportunities. Hit us up, and let's see where we can go?

in case you're wondering

Why ZCO?

Our objective is to empower you without diminishing your voice or authenticity.
We provide suggestions and strategies, but the final decision is yours. You focus on being YOU, and we will handle the research, strategy, and structure.
ZCO’s team has more than 5 years of experience in the digital entertainment industry. We focus on creating one-of-a-kind events, specialized content, and customized workflows that fit each new project's needs. You’re in good hands.

They are thorough and don’t hold back, which I definitely need cuz I can be as stubborn as a mule! Y’all are really doing the lord’s work cuz god knows how many lost vtubers are out there that could benefit from your services. ❤️
Jin Miri @MaeunMiri
My one-off consultation with ZCO was amazing. There were no lull moments during the session and it was easy to see that ZCO knows the content creation space and related industries very well.
Nat @nat_tfv
So far, my experience with ZCO is amazing! I appreciate how they approach the consultation and review process.
Konabi @konabi_ch
Our hour-long conference was productive, inspiring, and conducive for brainstorming. It really helped me get a feel for what I wanted to do and how to approach my V-tubing when I return after a hiatus because of medical leave.
Fran @franaderia
ZCO helped me organize my chaotic brain. My main problem as a content creator is that I have too much ideas and too little time to execute all of them. ZCO helped me prioritize and stay on track!
Ishy @ishytanuki
I was struggling to find a focus for my branding, and was racking my mind for weeks, but ZCO suggested a way to balance two polarizing sides of my content for me!
Macey @macey_vo

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Zone Check one




Zone Check One is a freelance agency that provides consultation, management, and production services for digital entertainment. Our creative team values honesty and sustainability as we work towards solutions. We achieve this by questioning the status quo, prioritizing authenticity, and maintaining integrity.
The ZCO team is led by Vin and Noira, who have been in the digital content creation world for at least 5 years. They have dabbled in multiple platforms, markets, and industries. Through their recurring side-banters of analyzing VTubers and VTubing companies they often see and Noira herself taking on VTubing, ZCO was born out of this hobby, and also friends around them who often ask for their advice.
What makes ZCO different?
· Freelance, so there is no long-term commitment required.
· We provide advice and services to clients, but ultimately they have the final say. This allows them to maintain their authenticity.
· We provide clients with perspectives that may be alluded to them due to their focus on content creation.
· We take on all the structural, business, and operational burdens so that clients can zone into their content creation journey with minimal distractions.
· Our content, direction, and production always goes that extra mile, and we find exploring uncharted waters thrilling.

Key Facts and Figures
· Launched on 22 April 2023
· Based around Southeast Asia
· Small team of 6 employees
· 6 on-going clients
Our Services
· No-commitment consultation services for talent development, direction, content strategies, and promotions.
· Freelance management services which includes providing an operational structure, production coordination, content planning, and strategizing towards growth.
· Project management for production talent who may need assistance with their timeline and coordination requirements.
· Production services for content creation such as video editing, motion effects, graphic design, and illustrations.
· As of our April launch, only our consultation services will be ready.

Contact us

Thank you for your interest in Zone Check One. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our company, please contact us at the following:
Email: team@zonecheck.one
Web: www.zonecheck.one
Twitter: @zonecheckone


Zone Check One Launches, Bringing a Fresh Approach to Supporting Independent VTubers

22 April 2023Zone Check One (ZCO) is excited to announce its official launch as a freelance consulting, management, and production agency that specializes in digital entertainment, namely VTubers. With a mission to help clients maintain authenticity while also challenging content direction norms within the VTubing space, ZCO believes in the motto of “STARTING STRONG”.“We love coming up with fresh ideas and approaches for VTubers, but also acknowledge that content creators may not always have the time or resources to deal with the dull aspects of management and administration.” said Noira, one-half of the founding duo of Zone Check One. “That's where we come in - to assist with these tasks, allowing talents to fully tap into their potential without compromising their own brand, personality, or authenticity. No strings attached!”ZCO's services include one-off consultation sessions, creating brand strategy proposals, short-term management contracts, talent project management, and production support for content creation. As of this time of writing, only ZCO’s consultation-related and production services are open for public.“We think that the current content creation space for VTubing has quite some room for innovation, and we’re here to stir that up and inject a fresh boost into it.” said Vin, the second-half of ZCO’s founding lead. “Defaulting to what everyone else does is easy, but challenging that is where the fun’s at.”To celebrate its launch, Zone Check One will be hosting a virtual launch event on April 29, 2023, which will take place on Noira's Twitch channel at twitch.tv/noira. The event will follow a game show structure with various activities and opportunities to connect with the ZCO team and learn more about the company's personality, values, and ongoing projects.“We’re excited to prove what ZCO can instill for the talents within the industry, and we invite anyone who shares our vision and mindset to join us!” said Vin.For more information about Zone Check One and its services, please visit www.zonecheck.one.Contact: team@zonecheck.one
Twitter: @zonecheckone

Contact us

A simpy sea fox who sells escapism

Noira is a sea fox who owns an oddities shop called the Deep Blue. When things get too stressful for her, she turns into a blob for a little while, just to escape the responsibilities and reality of her everyday life. She is known for her utter adoration for 2D men, rebellious personality, love for deep conversations about life, and constant yearning for some good old-fashioned escapism.

BirthdayNovember 5
Debut DateNovember 5, 2022
Height168 cm / 5"6'
Character Design@SvenFromOz
Model Art@_pekoponjin_
Hashtags#NoiTakes #NoiraArt

PAST Partnerships

Art by @RAlgiera


Interested in working with Noira?

The Mischievous Tanuki Alchemist Who Brings Chaos to Life

Hey there, Drifter! Meet Ishy, the tanuki (not a raccoon) alchemist who resides in a beautiful garden by the sea. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing over some cozy banter, playing tabletop RPGs, and goofing around with her friends. Why not pay her a visit at the garden and join in on the chaos?

BirthdayMarch 16
Debut DateSeptember 30, 2023
Height167 cm / 5"6'
Character Design@IshyTanuki
Model Art@IshyTanuki

Art by @ishytanuki


Interested in working with Ishytanuki?

your average neighbourhood gamer

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum."

BirthdayMay 05 2005
Debut DateN/A
Height185 cm / 6"
Character DesignN/A
Model ArtN/A

Art by N/A


Interested in working with mkakili?

spicy, chaos inducing, yet smol dragon girl

Jin Miri is our Ancient Dragon Queen that will bring the spice every single time. When she isnt on epic adventures for knowledge and treasure, you can find miri resting on top of her precious treasure, diving into all of her virtual desires live on stream.

BirthdayDecember 16 
Debut DateStarted Streaming September 7, 2021Actual Debut Debut with Live2D May 14, 2022
Height5ft flat (152 cm) 
Character Design@chaexijun 
Model Art@chaexijun 

Art by @chaexijun


Interested in working with Miri?

Your catboy prince gamer!

Macey_VO is your Catboy Prince with a heavy love into esports, voice acting and casting! Join his journey into self improvement within competitive games and see where else his interest takes you.

BirthdaySeptember 21
Debut DateJune 8, 2023
Height169 cm / 5'6
Character Design@im_regi
Model Art@im_regi
Hashtags#MaceyArt #MaceyClips #Maceussy

Art by @im_regi


Interested in working with maceyvo?

Bringing the Sparkle to your Worlds

Meet KiraKiraKat, the 5th-dimensional magical girl who seamlessly slides between reality and the virtual realms. She brings the charm and sparkle in everything she does! Performance, event hosting, voice acting - KiraKiraKat does it all and does it bright. So, hold on tight and get ready to be dazzled!

BirthdayFebruary 28
Debut DateOctober 31, 2021
Height157 cm / 5"2'
Character Design@KiraKiraKat
Model Art@IshyTanuki
Hashtags#KiraKiraKat #KiraKatArt #KiraKiraLive

PAST Partnerships

Art by @minimalaifu


Interested in working with Kirakirakat?


Vaxias, or Vax, is a passionate editor who always strives to find new ways to spice up his work. Equipped with his ever expanding collection of editing assets, he'll be sure to give it his 110%. Whether it be clips, montages, dank meme edits, you name it! He's always up to the task!

SpecialtiesSprinkling memes here and there to make clips more funny and entertaining
Content TypeBase VideoRates
ShortsUp to 15 minutesUSD $15
2-minute HighlightsUp to 30 minutesUSD $35
10-minute HighlightsUp to 2 hoursUSD $75
20-minute HighlightsUp to 4 hoursUSD $120

If you'd like to inquire more, please contact us at team@zonecheck.one

Interested in working with Vaxias?


Vezdoor or Vez, specializes in IRL Vlog content, making sure a story is conveyed and even if it's less of a story highlights it's not a problem, Vez can do it all!
Vez tends to lean into hyper stylized editing when it comes to their own work and can definitely sprinkle it in if need be.

SpecialtiesHyper stylized editing
Content TypeBase VideoEdited MinutesRates
<5-minute HighlightUp to 1 hour5 minutesUSD $12.50
10-minute HighlightUp to 1 hour10 minutesUSD $18

If you'd like to inquire more, please contact us at team@zonecheck.one

Interested in working with Vez?

Vin is your all around creative powerhouse! Apart from being ZCO's primary talent manager, he is also a creative lead on many projects including Zone Check One. This makes Vin your perfect go to person for all sorts of creative commissions!Vin specializes in making Heavy FX and minimal overlays, immersive FX videos, music videos, and all sorts of graphic design!If are looking for consultations or producer/project manager related work, learn more here.

SkillVideo EditorOverlay ArtistGraphic Design
SpecialtiesMusic Videos and Narrative VideosFX, Immersive, and Minimal DesignsEsports, Street Culture, and Minimal Designs

If you'd like to inquire more, please contact us at team@zonecheck.one

Motion Graphic Rates

Content TypeLengthRates
Trailers1-3 minutesStarts at USD $70
Debut Videos1-3 minutesStarts at USD $70
Teasers30 Seconds to 1 minuteStarts at USD $50
Music Videos2-3 MinutesStarts at USD $70

Video Editor Rates

Content TypeBase VideoRates
ShortsUp to 15 minutesUSD $20
2 to 5 minute VideosUp to 1 hourUSD $50
10-minute VideosUp to 2 hoursUSD $75
Videos longer than 10 Minutes2+ HoursInquire

Overlay Artist Rates

Surprise Me!Just Chatting Screen based on your character!USD $25
Basic2 Scenes [Just chatting / Title Scene]Starts at USD $50
Personalized DesignMinimum of 2 ScenesInquire
Additional SetupObs Mock Up CollectionUSD $10
Additional Setup1 on 1 Obs SetupUSD $20

Graphic Design Rates

Thumbnail1 Thumbnail for Youtube/Twitter Purposes!Starts at USD $10
Vtuber Schedule1 PSD Template of a Schedule based on your BrandStarts at USD $15
Brand PackageMinimum of 2 Templates for your Brand UsesInquire

If you'd like to inquire more, please contact us at team@zonecheck.one

Interested in working with Vin?

Meet Le Kale (or Kale) -- an illustrator with very unique style and aesthetics that's surely grabs attention. If you're looking to have your art or model have that bit of added spice, or yearn for that painted render, then Kale's definitely your go-to.On top of creating beautiful models and illustrations, Kale also has a few chibis that are just adorable! Be sure to check out Kale's full range.


If you'd like to inquire more, please contact us at team@zonecheck.one

model art pricelist

Model Art SizePrice
Full BodyUSD 2100
Half BodyUSD 1330
BustUSD 1050
Design complexityUSD 50 - 100
Animal ears/tail, hornsUSD 30 - 70
Simple expressionsUSD 20 each
Alternate arm/hand poseUSD 20+
Additional outfitUSD 150 - 400
Additional hairstyleUSD 100 - 400

model rig pricelist

Model Rig TypePrice
Full BodyUSD 1960
Half BodyUSD 1260
BustUSD 980
VbridgerUSD 170
ToungeUSD 40

Vbridger details: <mouth shrug, pucker, funnel, lip press, jaw open, mouth x, independent squint>

Design complexityUSD 30 - 100 (free if art is done)
Animal ears/tail, hornsUSD 20 - 40
Simple expressionsUSD 20 each (free if art is done)
Animated expressionsUSD 30+
Alternate arm/hand poseUSD 30+ (free if art is done)
Additional outfitUSD 150 - 400 (free if art is done)
Additional hairstyleUSD 100 - 400 (free if art is done)

Full model commision comes with free model reveal and ref sheet, only model art ref sheet and reveal additional USD 20

boba soda chibi models (rigged)

Boba soda chibi model (rigged)USD 680
Add-onsUSD 20 per expression/toggles


  • Vtube Studio ready file


  • Customizable: model, eye physics, colors, shakers

  • Up to +2 features (ears,horns,jackets)

  • Fully rigged (angle and body X,Y,Z , )

  • Choice of vbridger and cheek puff!

toilet chibi model (rigged)

Toilet chibi model (rigged)USD 100
Add-onsUSD 20 per expression

Fully rigged chibi models sitting on a toilet (toggle available)

Animated Illustrations/Loading screen

Animated Illustrations/Loading screenUSD 300
Complex BackgroundUSD 30 - 100
Complex CharacterUSD 30 - 50
Additional CharacterUSD 90


  • Fully rendered character illustration

  • Simple background

  • After effects lighting

  • 1 revision for art and animation


  • 30 sec mp4 loop

  • Psd file (request)


IllustrationsUSD 140
Half BodyUSD 140+
Full BodyUSD 170+

Comes with free simple Background+USD15 depends on the detail
Additional Character + 50% of price

If you'd like to inquire more, please contact us at team@zonecheck.one


Interested in working with lekale?

Services & pricing


Price: $35 USD, with additional fees for each subsequent session as needed.For Who: This is perfect for content creators and VTubers looking to go in a different direction, rebrand, debut, or simply refine and gain clarity on their current brand.Details:
● 1-hour consultation session on ZCO’s Discord.
● Analysis of current branding and content strategy.
● Discussion on the wanted brand direction and possible prospects.
● Debriefing on revenue streams and its tie-in into your content.
● Exploring potential brand developments and progression opportunities to clarify a vision.
● Ideation and prioritization of action items to achieve the decided vision.
● Includes a written outline of the discussed items from the session.
Additional sessions may be scheduled for a separate fee.

Consultation + Brand Strategy Proposal

Price: $150 USD, with additional fees for each subsequent session as needed.For Who: This service is designed for content creators and VTubers who require an in-depth assessment, with clear direction and actionable plans.Details:
● Everything you would get from our consultation session, but more.
● A brand strategy proposal will be created based on the consultation session. This proposal will include all the discussed points in writing, along with additional details, assessment, and recommendations.
● The Brand Strategy Proposal will be delivered two weeks after the consultation session and presented to the client during a 30-minute call session.

Content Production

Price: It depends on your needs and the talent you choose to commission.For Who: This is for content creators, companies, and VTubers who need illustrations, visual assets, music, video editing, graphic design, and any other creative support in the digital entertainment industry.Details:
● Tell us what you need, and we will find the talent for you.
● This may include talent from our own ZCO-managed creators.
● If you are still unsure of what you want, we can also provide direction and advice.
● We can assist with clarifying your production requirements and coordinating with the relevant creators.
● You may also directly commission ZCO-managed creators via the form on their individual pages on our site.

Short-term Talent Management

Price: Varies depending on the scope, requirements, and analysis needed.For Who: This is catered for independent content creators, VTubers, and also companies that would like to outsource their talent management operations.Details:
● Starts from $80 (USD).
● 3-month contract.
● Goal-setting and reviewing.
● Weekly regroups and alignment.
● Metrics and performance tracking.
● Content scheduling and planning.
● Access to ZCO advisors for consultation.
● Budget planning and tracking assistance.
● Content creation and production coordination.
● A page on ZCO’s website for your centralized portfolio.
● Monthly progress review and feedback by ZCO management.
● This is not exclusive—you are free to work with other agencies or companies.
● This is our default offering. ZCO tailors accordingly to clients' needs.
Fill up our Management Application Form!

Creator Project Management

Price: The pricing varies between a flat fee or fixed commission, depending on the scope, discussion, and workload.
For Who: This is for creators in the digital entertainment industry, such as editors, artists, designers, illustrators, animators, music producers, motion graphics experts, and other skilled personnel who play an essential role in this field, but have a hard time keeping up.
● Timeline management.
● Assistance in client coordination.
● Biweekly meetings to check-in with you.
● Workflow framework for better visibility.
● Queue and project delivery management.
● Access to ZCO advisors for your business operations.
● A page on ZCO’s website for your centralized portfolio.
● Content creation and production coordination.
● A page on ZCO’s website for your centralized portfolio.

Content editing

Price: Check out our editors’ individual prices - Vaxias & VezdoorFor Who: Companies who need reliable timelines for their talents’ content schedule, or content creators who’re looking to outsource their video editing needs.Details:
● Project-based — fill up a form with your requirements, and we’ll help coordinate between you and the editor.
● Transparent timeline visibility — track the progress of your current work through our editors’ publicly-accessible work timeline!

Events Production

Price: The overall cost of the project will be determined by the timeline, production scope, required resources, and other project-specific requirements.For Who: Tailored for companies, content creators, and VTubers who want to create a special events that will leave an impression. Our services range from eSports competitions to major milestone celebrations.Details:
● Project-based — you tell us what you need and we will handle the rest.
● This ranges from event ideation to planning and execution.

Ready to start? Need further details?

Contact ZCO via team@zonecheck.one or Twitter DMs @zonecheckone

kirakirakat's PORTFOLIO



  • PSICOM 2009 Performance Seikan Hikou FEB 28 2009

  • COSPLAY MANIA 2009: Performers with MoonSpeak Chocolate Disco

  • BEST OF ANIME 2011: TALENT COMPETITION WINNER (Dancing Luka Luka Night Fever), Karaoke Competition Winner

  • October 2015 at SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of AsiaSong

  • Aidol Fiesta Vol. 2 2019 /w Seishun Kakumei

  • May 2019 at The Roxy Events Place and Party VenueSong

  • Anime & Cosplay eXpo 2019 w/ Seishun Kakumei ✨🏆 1st Place and Overall Winner 🏆✨

  • Cosplay Mania 2019 w/ Seishun Kakumei

  • September 2019 ✨ Cosplay Mania Main Stage: Opening Act for Yasutaka Nakata and MYTH & ROID ✨

  • Cosplay Matsuri 2019

  • AUG 20 to 22 2021 AIMATSURI II


  • Conquest Performer & Busker 2022

  • Philippine Fashion Summit: Resorts World Manila Performance Intermission

  • Cosplaymania 2022

  • AFA SINGAPORE 2022: Flown by Gank to Singapore to Attend AFA 2022

  • ONLIVE CON 2023 (Special Guest and Performer)


  • VocaFusion 2011 Pre Event: Pinoy Utaite

  • Maid 2 Travel

  • Animax ANI-MATE VJ HUNT Finalist



  • Best of Anime 2015

  • Cosplaymania 2015

  • Animax School Tour (2017)

  • Born to Make History: Yuri on Ice Convention (2018)

  • PopHub Manila 2018

  • OOKUN - Otaku Pop Quiz - QuizMaster (Best of Anime & Cosplaymania)

  • Lace Up: Lolita Tea Party 2019

  • LACE UP 2021: ONLINE TEA PARTY & Charity Event for Zero Hunger PH

  • Welcome To Wonderland Online Tea Party (Event Host)

  • Welcome To Wonderland: Lolita Tea Party & J Fashion Extravaganza (Performance and Hosting) 2022



  • ONLIVE 2023: SPECIAL GUEST: First Vtuber event in the Philippines, Upperbox Greenhills




  • The Wolf (Chinese Period Drama) (English Dub): Main Supporting Cast Princess Yelu Baona, The Grand Diviner Yao Ji

  • Medieval (Netflix Historial Movie) Tagalog Dub: Katherine (Main)

  • Spirit Rangers (Tagalog Dub) Lizard









Lethal Company Roulette

Add another layer to your games!

how to use the wheel

Have you been collecting too much scrap? Has it turned into a mundane job? Don't worry we got you covered!These 2 wheels can be used during each trip to add a bit of spice to your game.If you have any suggestions do contact us on twitter!

Role List

The Wheel on the left are for your staff to roleplay as new roles other than employees and interns! We used common Horror Tropes to fill them in.

The dogYou bark only.
Yakuza/MafiaNothing wrong with being a bit rough around the edges
PlumberIts a me, a mario!
Rich MFAct like you own the place and have all the money in the world. Be SPOILED.
ScientistAll intelligence here.
Fitness InfluencerOmg, work out! For the gram only.
Serial KillerThere's always more than 1 monster.
The Silent One / Awkward KidSilence is a choice
DoomsayerYou know the world is ending, share that knowledge!
SkepticMonsters are not real. Simple.
The CopMake sure you bring the law on your trips!
The JockYou are sports varsity number 1 player.
Old PersonAge is only a number, but also make everyone know you're old.
SiblingsPick another person to be your sibling and don't let go!
The Sexy CouplePick another person and do everything for them. PDA is key!
The one that talks to themselvesWe all like imaginary friends, talk to them.
Saviour ComplexNo one dies on your watch! YOU ALWAYS MAKE THE SACRIFICE.
The Goth/Emo KidIts only a phase. Trust.
The one with an accentPick an accent to impersonate!

Scenario List

The wheel on the right are for when you want an extra challenge. These are scenarios for you to act out during your trip!

The King/Mayor/PresidentThe first to leave the ship is the king. The King orders everyone, no one is allowed to do anything without permission.
A Silent Place/No Communication AllowedNo one can speak!
HyperfixationThe first item everyone sees must be picked up and are not allowed to let go of it until the end of the trip.
The Mystery MachineNo one is allowed to split up, everyone must stick together.
1 FlashlightPurchase only 1 flashlight and that is all you get.
No FlashlightYou are not allowed to use any flashlights.
The MusicalEvery form of communication must be sang. Boombox is a great addition to this!
The MuleOnly 1 person can carry all of the equipment and scrap.
The MessiahChoose 1 person to perish at the start of the round. Their body must be carried at all times!

World of Warcraft Punishment Wheel

Add some spice to WoW!

ZCO Rules on WoW Classic

Have you been watching ZCO talent play WoW Classic? Well if you want to join in on the run, here's how they have been playing.If you have any suggestions do contact us on twitter!


Here is the full list of punishments the ZCO talents are using:Make a short cover about how you died
Destroy the weapon you were using
10 Pushups
Pay 10 Silver per witness when you died
Make a tweet that the others decide
Draw your death
Declare a party member as your saviour and treat them as such
5 squats
Record and post a copypasta on twitter.
Giveaway your a potion to a party member
Make a canva about how much you love your party and tweet it.
Roleplay a confession to anyone in the party or mutual friends
Tell an embarrassing story
Roleplay an apology for cheating on your fake SO [ any party member]
Declare your love to your oshi in the middle of a large city
Post your next meal on twitter and dedicate it to a party member
Roleplay a practice duel with a party member, if you lose, roll again. [Max of 1 Reroll]
Use a pickup line on a random stranger in game
UwU for 2 minutes
You can only communicate by singing for 2 minutes


We made our own softcore version of playing WoW Classic to add some stakes to the game.In our playthrough, there are 2 types of deaths.Out of Dungeon Deaths
If you die outside of a raid, consider it a training bump, you must complete a punishment before you continue grinding!
In Dungeon/Raid Deaths
If you die in a raid, you are dead once we complete the raid. You must begin a new character.

the team